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Sooner Football Fans Podcast


Hosts: Terry Long, Rob Mixon and Fans like you.


Opinions, insights, thoughts and stories from Sooner fans.

  • Weekly Fan Podcast
  • Sooner insights from media professionals
  • Pre Game podcasts
  • Post game podcasts


We are not affiliated with the University of Oklahoma... But we do have eligibility left. 

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Jul 31, 2018

Two great Sooner fans on, Cody Holzhammer and Tattoo Baker.  We get into the QB race with the Sooners, who holds the biggest threat to the Sooners, West Virginia?? and a lot more

Jul 30, 2018

Tara Portillo, Treylinda Kerr and Teresa Long attended our #ChampUfanFeast.  This episode we talk non conference schedule, game day superstitions, bears (not the grizzly kind), and a whole lot more

Jul 25, 2018

Jason Rhea from Last Word On Sports dot com on the podcast talking Sooner Football.  Just like everyone right now, we're talking defense.  Sooner fans have a lot of anxiety about their defensive unit this year.  Are we still one defensive stand away from a National Championship.  And, which Stoops is responsible for the...

Jul 24, 2018

Steve Bullard from Tulsa, Ok is on the podcast.  First, Terry and Rob talk about the Sooners Media Day on Sunday.  Coaches quotes, especially some interesting quotes from Mike Stoops.  Steve comes on and talks about the debacle that came from Riley mentioning the GA defense, and why Oklahoma would compete.. and dominate...

Jul 23, 2018

Back as promised - We've got Bret Burns from Mesa, Arizona on the podcast.  We had some technical issues the first time Bret was on, but not this time!!  First off, Terry and Rob thumb through the Sooners media guide, then we talk to Bret about Big12 Media day, the Sooner offense, and a lot of Sooner fans concerns...