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Sooner Football Fans Podcast


Hosts: Terry Long, Rob Mixon and Fans like you.


Opinions, insights, thoughts and stories from Sooner fans.

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We are not affiliated with the University of Oklahoma... But we do have eligibility left. 

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Jul 31, 2019

We've got OUInsider Brandon Drum from 247 Sports updating us fans on the Sooners recruiting class.  The who's in and might be in, from the guy who would know.  And, Brandon gives us who to watch to have a big year from the #NewWave19 class.

Jul 29, 2019

Sooner fans gather from California, Texas, Oklahoma at Louie's Grill and Bar on Campus Corner in Norman to Celebrate #ChampUBBQ with our #ChampUFanFeast.  We had a #Sooners fan round table of questions with these fans.

Jul 25, 2019

It's that time of year again, where future Sooners come to town for the annual #ChampUBBQ.  This is a huge recruiting weekend for the Sooners and we talk about all the expected prospects coming in.  We discuss the players who will have an immediate impact from the 2018 #ChampUBBQ. The Sooners have some players on...

Jul 18, 2019

We've got OUInsider Collin Kennedy giving us the lowdown on the Big12 Media days.  New coaches, who shined, who didn't and of course all things Sooners reigning as champions and setting the standard for Big12 football

Jul 10, 2019

After it was reported on Monday by several media outlets - Kennedy Brooks had not returned to campus.  There's was a lot of speculation, but we found out why he wasn't there and now he's due back to Norman on Wednesday.  Preseason All Big12 announced - Jalen Hurts wasn't the QB - but he will be by season end.  ESPN...